Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Integration

Internet Marketing

Up to 96% of Internet traffic comes through Search Engines. Only a small percentage of websites are properly optimized for web browsers. This means there are alot of websites out there that are never found.

Running a successful website follows many of the same principles that running a successful business does. If you do not advertise, how will people know you exist? If you want to have access to customers who aren't in your local area then you need to consider the options available to you for marketing your website.

Additionally, Search engines are openly acknowledging that a website isn't the only place on the Internet that a brand needs to maintain a strong presence. The interactive exchanges that people have with each other and with the brand--online--are happening in the social media channel, and the search engines are placing an increasing importance on how these conversations influence their views on brands and how their websites should rank.

This means that a brand can no longer solely rely on a well-optimized website to earn Google's attention. A brand must be a conversationalist, going where the people are and engaging them in discussion, and by doing that earn a wonderful reputation.

Our Internet Marketing Package focuses on the following areas:

Social Media Integreation

Solitary Solutions will setup and fully integrate social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube into your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Solitary Solutions primarily focuses on getting your site to come up high in the search engines for your chosen keywords and phrases. Site Optimization focuses on a wider range of goals such as ensuring that the visitors you have attracted to your site, stay and even more importantly reach a goal or perform an action that you are wanting. A goal could be anything such as visiting the "contact us" page, signing up for a news letter, or making an online booking. Using Google Analytics, we continually track visitor behavior on the site. Using this information we continually make adjustments to the design and content to increase the percentage of visitors that complete the goals you have set.

For example with an online booking system, our analytical reports could indicate that a large number of visitors are not completing a booking and are "dropping off" on the customer information page. Reviewing that page we decide that we might be asking too many questions that are not required to complete the booking. After making the changes to the form, we track the number of visitors attempting to make an online booking, and hopefully see that a higher percent are now completing the process.

This same sort of cycle can be applied to the placement or design of "call to action" graphics, such as promotions for specials or prompts to sign up for a newsletter. By reviewing how visitors reacted to different placements and designs we can make sure we are using the techniques that get the best results.

The Key Components For Good Optimization Are:

  • Website Coding
  • Semantic Structure
  • Original Current Keyword-Rich Content
  • Backlinks - Websites Linking To You.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Proper use of Meta tags such as Keywords, Descriptions, Page Title, and Image Alt tags.

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